Moebelfolien GmbH in Biesenthal is located in a historic industrial area northeast of Berlin.
Biesenthal has always been the home of the woodworking industry and the furniture industry. Since the sixties "furniture foils" are being pro- duced. The production programme ever since steadily developed in accordance with the needs of the market. Embedded in the la Cour group of companies with allmilmö, Melaplast, Melatec and Nolff a wide production range would meet customers' requirements all over the world.

Prime foils and finish foils, edge- bandings, laminates, melamine films, and phenolic-resin impregnations can be produced for the customers of all fields of the furniture industry, completion of the interior, as well as for various other kinds of applications matching their ideas and requirements.
For all stages of production we have the necessary equipment to cover the whole range beginning with the printing of decors to the ready-made end product.
Our 80 employees annually manu- facture about 15 million square metres of surface refinement.