Lignafin -
Prime Foils and Finish Foils

Lignafin foils are plain or decorative foils with a basic paper weight from 50 to 130 g/m² made for flat lamination or wrapping of wood substrates.

In the field of prime foils and finish foils we produce surface foils in widths of 650 mm to 1310 mm witch could be cut to smaller sizes upon customer's request.

Various types, from acrylate-resin impregnations or melamine-resin impregnations, gloss paint and pigment laquer, to rear side processing and embossing are singly possible or as combina- tions. Because of that, surfaces for all kinds of applications, e.g. surfaces with glazed finish or machine finish, non-lacquered, super mat, high resistant, varnishable, with real pore or an embossing are available.