Lignastar -
Undercoat Bandings, Blank Ban-
dings and Single-Layer Bandings

Lignastar edgebandings are impregnated plain and decorative papers with a basic gsm substance of 140 to 250 g/m² and with thickness from 0,20 mm to 0,40 mm manufactured for the lamination of wood substrates.

Edgebanding material can be cut to rolls of 650 mm widths as well as to narrow surfaces from 15 mm upwards.

From the standard edgebandings for straight profiles to soft forming of narrow radii and to rebate quality for door foldings various kinds of

edgebandings for the lamination of wood substrates are available.

Due to the possibility of giving surfaces and backs all kind of finish, such as finish lacquers or overvarnishable, embossing of structures, and application of hot melt, primer or glue on the back we can produce edgebandings for almost all kinds of applications.