Decorative Printing

To meet our customers' requirements and needs even further we have the possibility to develop reproductions of wood grains according your ideas, or freely designed decors which we can produce individually for you also in small quantities.

On our state-of-the-art rotogravurepress we produce decorative printings and edgebandings.

Papers from 40 - 300 g/m² gsm substance can easily be handled.

We only use water-based inks which are free of heavy metals and physiologically impeccable.

The integrated lacquering allows an economical and quick response to your requirements.

Design of Decors

You may choose from many existing decors. But we would also like to either develop a specially needed design or optimise existing grains in cooperation with you.

We constantly extend our extensive range of patterns. The new designs allow for trends in the style of home decor, in life style and in aesthetic liking.

The possibilities in designs and grains are almost unlimited and offer a variety of choices for the design of the future product corresponding to your individual ideas.