Individual Services

Besides of the production of foils, edgebandings, and laminates we can offer other services which we would also like to realize with your own material.

Our embossing station allows the application of several surface structures to edgebanding material and foils. A wide range of wood grains and pearl embos- sings with different strengths and intensities is available.

At our application plant hot melt glue is applied to the rear side of the edge- banding material. The hot melts used are melting quickly and allow high feed speeds at processing.

By two slit saws and a rewind station we can cut the surfacing material to various sizes whether it is the cutting of master and daughter-rolls, the sheet clipping, or the rewinding to a variety of formats.

Our pilot plant with a production width of up to 650 mm enables us to manufacture special products within the field of impregnation, lacquering and rear side coating. Here we manufacture for you products with exclusive lacquers, primers, hardeners, or bonding agents, or develop new products or their improvement in cooperation with you.

Our delivery programme comprises phenolic im- pregnations and mela- mine films with different resin impregnations accor- ding to finishing and fabrication.

The finishing of the products with regards to formatting and packing follows your requirements. Delivery is effected in accordance with your requirements as to transport, marking, and packing of the goods; and we take care of a safe arrival at the destination.